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Fitotec is an Agricultural consulting business that focuses of using natural microbes to improve soil, plant and water health through bioremediation. As the Principal of Fitotec I have over 35 years working with 30 different crops [including nurseries] in the State of California.

Fitotec’s mission is to enable clients to be competitive and be ahead of the strict and impending California regulation: such as limiting Volatile Organic Carbons [VOC], loss of Methyl Bromide, salt water intrusion, saline and sodic soils, California Ag waiver etc. Let Fitotec partner with you to offer services for organic, sustainable or conventional farming using bioremediation of soil, water and waste water. View the gallery under Projects.


• BSc Crop Science, Cal Poly State University California.
• MSc Plant Science, Fresno State University California.
• Certified Crop Advisor
• Pest Control Advisor (California)
• Qualified Applicator (California)
• Organic Inspector [Crops and Processing] Member of International Organic Inspector Association.
• Hazardous Materials Management Certification [University of Santa Cruz]
• Occupational Health, Safety, Environmental Certification [University of Santa Cruz]
• Water Treatment T2 License [State of California]
• Water Distribution, Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment Certification. [Hartnell Junior college. Salinas, Ca]

Why choose Fitotec?

35 years experience in the Agricultural sector

• Experienced in Nutrient, Organic and Sustainable Farm Management Planning.
• NOI implementation, monitoring and reporting for Ag waiver.
• Spanish Speaking.
• Specializing in soil and water bioremediation.
• Alternative to Methyl Bromide fumigation